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Couple purchase Montecito home on the day of the mudslide

Couple purchase Montecito home on the day of the mudslide

MONTECITO, Calif. - The Duncan family purchased their dream home in Montecito on the same day as the mudslide but aren’t regretting the purchase one bit.

“We actually closed escrow the day of the debris flow,” said Kim Duncan, the new homeowners in Montecito.

Kim Duncan and her husband had lived in Dallas, Texas for nearly 20 years, but always wanted to move to Montecito because of the great weather.

“I found this house and it was the one I wanted so I decided to buy it,” said Duncan.    

When the mudflow hit, the Duncan family was forced to flee to a friends house in Carpinteria. Three to four feet of mud invaded their newly purchased house, although luckily they hadn’t moved any furniture in yet.

“I was pretty devastated at first,” said Duncan. “I knew I had mud in my house, but when I started to hear about the deaths, I was like You are one of the lucky ones.”

Instead of enjoying the place that the Duncans are now calling home, they are having to gut the house after it received nearly $35,000 worth of damage.

Mainz Builders out of Montecito was contacted right away to help remove the debris and get their home on track to be livable once again.

“You can see the midline that was in here so we had to remove the mud and stop the mold,” said Morgan Mainz. “We found a lot of mold spores that were already growing.”

“I have Hartford Insurance and they have not made a final decision about how they are going to cover the damage,” said Duncan. “But I didn’t want to wait so I am funding it myself for now.”

Piles of debris were shoveled out of their house, and it now sits on their front lawn.

“I am waiting for the County to tell me of an economical place to put it the debris,” said Duncan. “If I have to dump it at a regular dump this is $50,000 of dumping fee’s and my insurance is saying they are not going to pay for that.”

Kim realizes that a flood like this can happen again, especially since the house sits along the side of Oaks Creek, but she doesn’t regret the purchase one bit.

“It’s been a whirl wind, but the community has been fantastic so I am excited about living here,” said Duncan.

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