Kenny Loggins' mentorship brings out true grit and talent in Santa Barbara teen performers

"Celebrating the Music of Footloose"

Kenny Loggins mentorship brings out...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Some of Santa Barbara’s most talented teens are “Holding out for a Hero,” and cutting loose, gearing up for the 35th-anniversary concert, “Celebrating the Music of Footloose,” re-envisioned by the one and only Kenny Loggins.

“Let’s Hear It for the Boy” and all the performers hard at work before the curtain rises, as the crew gathered for one last run-through at Friday’s dress rehearsal in Santa Barbara. 

We asked Artistic Director Janet Adderley what makes “Footloose” so timeless and she says Kenny says it best, he believes it’s an example of the power of personal expression and joy…

“This is not play play, these kids are going to bring the flippin' house down,” said Janet Adderley, Owner and Artistic Director of The Adderley School for the Performing Arts.

It all started with Teen Sing Santa Barbara.

“From the ashes and the mud, new life grows,” said Adderley. 

Adderley’s performers wanted to help disaster victims and the iconic Kenny Loggins got involved.

“In this experience, he found a new life for himself in mentorship and mentoring the next generation of performers,” said Adderley. 

Now, 35 years later, the timeless music of “Footloose” is showcasing that reciprocal relationship.

“These kids in this show are a metaphor for all kids and all people who find themselves in a rut and through their own self-will and determination rise up together,” said Adderley. 

For years, industry greats like David Foster have been calling on Adderley’s kids for backup, but now the spotlight is rightfully where it belongs. 

“In this performance, undergirded by Kenny Loggins and this amazing band, which is his band, these kids become Andrea Bocelli, they become Katy Perry. People will come to the show and see these unbelievably gifted, fierce kids who are giving you Grammy award-winning performances,” said Adderley. 

As Adderley puts it, it’s a marriage between her performer's grit, effort, and talent led by the best in the business.

“The fact that Kenny Loggins at this point in his life, when he still going strong, is like I have the energy, I have the will, I have a desire to help these kids make their dreams come true because there was nobody helping me do that,” said Adderley. 

You can catch “Celebrating the Music of Footloose" on Sunday at 4:00 and 7:30 p.m.at the Marjorie Luke Theatre. 

All profits will benefit the Unity Shoppe and the Santa Barbara Youth Ensemble Theatre Scholarship Fund.

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