Santa Barbara Rescue Mission completes six-year remodeling project

Santa Barbara Rescue Mission unveils remodeled facility

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - After six years of planning and construction, the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission unveiled its new remodeled facility on Thursday.

Staff and community members celebrated the occasion at a dedication ceremony and lunch at the Rescue Mission—which stayed open during construction.

The Rescue Mission says it has received nearly $12 million in donations for the 400,000 square foot project.

The new facility will mean nearly twice as many homeless women will have a place for shelter. It will also feature new bathroom and shower facilities.
Since 1986, the building has provided more than 3 million meals and 1.6 million overnight stays for those battling homelessness and addiction.

The continuous use made the remodeling project a necessity.

"If you don't have a reliable facility, you can't even start to do the clinical care and some of the more intensive work that people who struggle need," Rescue Mission president Rolf Greyling said. "So we're just really grateful to have this: a facility we can count on. It excites us now to think about what we'll be able to do programmatically in here."

Greyling was thankful for all of those who contributed to the massive project.

"We're just grateful," Greyling said. "Everything we do here at the Rescue Mission is 100 percent donor supported. We do this only because the people of Santa Barbara believe there should be a place where the homeless and addicted can turn."

The new facility will formally open once it passes final city inspections.

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