'A Walk On Water' provides surf therapy for kids with special needs

Special needs kids catch some surf therapy waves at Silver Strand

OXNARD, Calif. - A 12-week program is giving children with special needs a chance to enjoy the ocean.

'A Walk On Water' surf academy leader Sophie Elliot said eight children have been taking lessons twice a week.

They are learning to surf with the same instructors on gentle waves.

They caught wave after wave at Silver Strand Beach near Oxnard on Wednesday morning.

"I love getting to see the changes that happen to these kids. A lot of them, you get to see the transition of them being terrified of the water and then, like you guys are all seeing today, they are stoked to get back out after every wave, back to boards, running back out, no tears, none of that, and talking to the parents and families and saying how these changes translate at home, too. So, it is not just here at the beach but it is really all aspects of their life," said Elliott.

One of the surfers likes to do a dance on the sand every time he gets to the beach.

Parents call 'A Walk On Water' - AWOW.

For more information, visit their website

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