Goleta driver hopes to break speed record in custom built car

'Missile' on wheels has gone off to Utah track

A Streamliner race car built in Goleta is going for a speed record this week.  (John Palminteri/

GOLETA, Calif. - What looks like a missile on the ground is actually a car a Goleta man says could soon own the land speed record.

Arley Langlo showed it off recently at the "Groovin' in the Grove" event at the Elk's Lodge in Goleta.

It is a 10-year project and a dream come true.

The #77 Streamliner, with Langlo behind the wheel in a tight one-person cockpit, has been delivered to the famous Bonneville Salt Flats racing site in Utah.

The five-mile track will have countless cars in different divisions lined up for their chance to run.

Already, Langlo is in the "200-mile an hour club." Now he wants to double that speed.

His supporters and sponsors include J & S East Valley Garage in Montecito, Jaz products and  Avoganic.  

"The class record that we are in is 423 miles-per-hour," Langlo said. "We have to go over that."

He says they are capable with the design he has come up with.

"It is up to us to get everything right and we can do it." 

One key component of the speed attempt is traction control. Langlo said he will simply do it with the pressure of his throttle foot and the climbing speed as he passes crucial marks during the run. What he doesn't want to do is spin the tires or lose contact with the ground. 

That could throw the 37-foot vehicle off course. It is a very difficult chance to bring it back under control at that speed.

Langlo is primed to run at the Bonneville Flats as part of Speed Week 2019.

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