Morro Bay police officers rescue runaway sea lion

Morro Bay police officers rescue runaway sea lion

MORRO BAY, Calif. - The Morro Bay Police Department rescued a sea lion pup that was wandering the city streets late Wednesday night. 

The pup was found by police officers on the 400 bock of Embarcadero.

Officers said they were unable to find the pup's mother so the sea lion was turned over to rescuers at Pacific Wildlife Care. 

Morro Bay Police Department playfully described the encounter on the station's official Twitter page.

The animal is now being treated at the Marine Mammal Center. Caretakers say the sea lion is very malnourished. 

“The Marine Mammal Center has our triage hospital here in San Luis Obispo and so this animal will stay here for a few days and then it will go up to our main hospital in Sausalito and our veterinarians will do a full admissions' evaluation to determine what is going on," said Aliah Meza. 

After treatment, the pup will be released back into the ocean in the San Francisco area. 

The center is treating a number of stranded sea lions. 

“Right now our hospital has a lot of small sea lions and they're coming in malnourished and our veterinary staff is actually learning what it is that is causing these animals to become so malnourished and why they are stranding,” Meza said. 

The organization asks people to contact their 24-hour hotline at 415-289-7325 if they come across lost marine mammals. 

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