Five "Superstar Dogs" available for adoption at Santa Maria Valley Humane Society

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - If you've been looking for a sign to adopt a dog, this is it. The Santa Maria Valley Humane Society is struggling to find forever homes for some of their furry residents and they want you to meet their "Superstar Dogs". 

“They're all beautiful, happy, loving friendly dogs and they just haven't made that love connection yet with someone visiting,” said Matt Chan, director of community engagement. "They've all been here for at least two-and-a-half months, on up to about four months or so. Although they're happy, they're gonna be so much happier in someone's loving home.”

The animal shelter says a "Guadian Angel" sponsored the adoption fee to get these animals into good homes. If you're interested in adopting one of these dogs, you won't have to pay an adoption fee. If you need even more reason to take one of these furry friends home, Purina is donating a supply of dog food to go home with them!

So what are you waiting for?

Meet the dogs:

Pippy, a 4-year-old, female, Labrador Retriever mix. 

“If you got a tennis ball with you, then you got a friend for life with you,” said Chan. “She might be best in a home with no other dogs. But she's great with people, she's great with kids.”


Hunter, an 11-year-old, male, Labrador Retriever mix.

“Hunter is a big ball of fun energy. He doesn't know how big he is sometimes.”

He's older, but Chan says “he's got all the playfulness and exuberance of a puppy.”


Melanie, a 2-year-old, female, American Pit Bull Terrier mix.

“Very affable and just quite affectionate. Right now she's pretty activated, she wants to play a lot.”

She's good with older kids and well-mannered dogs.

“She would fit in great with a family who has a lot of time to physically stimulate her, get her exercised.”


Chico, a 13-year-old, male, Bull Terrier mix. Chan says he's a great road trip companion.

“He will sit in your back seat calmly. He just sits upright like a person. He's not panting, he's not anxious, he's not walking back and forth.”

He is very athletic despite is age.

“He's in his golden years, and he's not letting any of that slow him down," Chan says. "When he bonds with you, you just got a loyal companion who's gonna be there for you.”


And Maximus, a 9-year-old, male, Shepherd/Retriever mix.

“He's a good bear hugger,” says Chan. 

He is also nap buddy material.

“He is a cuddler. He loves, loves people and he will actively seek your attention.”

Unless you have cats.

“He's not good with cats, though.”


All pets at the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. 

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