Paso Robles horse show canceled due to Equine Herpes Virus

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - The Coyote Rock Ranch Round Up horse show that was scheduled from March 6-11 at the Paso Robles Event Center has been canceled due to reports of isolated cases of one or two horses in the Western United States testing positive for Equine Herpes Virus.

The Paso Robles Event Center said it has never had a neurologic EHV case thanks to its use of strict biosecurity protocols that include the use of Synboint and other approved biodegradable agricultural washes used to clean areas prone to host pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

“We are confident in our long-term and proven biosecurity measures to protect the health and welfare of our equine partners. We spray between each and every show, with the hopes of never allowing the virus to ever get a start or foothold here at the Paso Robles Event Center,” said California Mid-State Fair CEO Michael Bradley.

Most horses all over the world have been infected with Equine Herpes Virus but have no serious side effects. In some cases, the horses will develop serious neurological forms that can turn deadly.

The virus can spread by direct horse-to-horse contact via the respiratory tract through nasal secretions and indirectly through contact with physical objects contaminated with the virus such as human hands or clothing, contaminated equipment and tack, trailers used for horse transportation, wipe rags or other grooming equipment, and contaminated feed and water buckets.

Officials continue working to reschedule the horse show for a future date.


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