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Orthotics recommended for diabetes-related foot pain

Shoe insert can prevent more serious complications

Orthotics recommended for diabetes-related foot pain

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - If you have diabetes and suffer from neuropathy, or pain in your feet, there is a possible solution you may consider that could prevent further, more serious complications and expense.

At the Shoe Tree in Pismo Beach they have all the latest fashions and styles in footwear on sale.

They also offer more when it comes to shoe comfort and getting the right fit for the right feet especially for those who suffer from diabetes-related foot pain.

"It's very important because now I feel safer when I walk", said Shoe Tree customer and client Nanci Saunders, “my shoes fit far better than they used to, and they do have really nice styles too.“

There's an array of over the counter, manufactured shoe inserts and orthotics at the Shoe Tree for those that need them, for those that need more help, there's technology to identify where the problems are with your feet.

“A lot of our diabetics will have neuropathy“, said Judy Morabito, one of two certified pedorthists on staff at the Shoe Tree, “along with neuropathy can come calluses, ulcers, anytime you have a break down of the skin with a diabetic, healing can be a problem, so we really want to stay on top of this.“

The Shoe Tree has a lab and workshop that measures, designs and makes custom orthotics for those that need them the most.

“Podiatry can do a lot of what we do, there are people out there that can do what we do, but having it coupled with a retail shoe store really just widens the advantage of our clients“, Morabito said, “I've always said I can give you the shoe that is perfect for you but if it's as ugly as can be, you don't wear it, what's the point, so we're really excited to be linked up with so many vendors and so many different styles of shoes that are still good for our diabetics.“

Shoe Tree client Ruben Galindo has Type 2 Diabetes and relies on the certified pedorthists to keep him on his feet, pain free.

There's particular concern about diabetics in the Spanish-speaking community who may not know about the benefits of custom-made orthotics.

“A lot of diabetics out there don't know they have this benefit or that they qualify“, Morabito said, “really a lot of times they just don't take care of themselves the way that they should until a problem arises and with a diabetic that can get away from them way too fast.”

More serious complications of chronic foot pain for diabetics can lead up to amputation.

Health insurance may cover the cost of custom-made or over the counter orthotics depending on the condition of the patient.

Orthotics have proven to make a difference when it comes to quality of life.

"People tell us that they've actually gotten their life back, once your're out of pain", Morabito said, "if your feet are in pain, it slows down everything. If we can get them out of pain, or offload their pain, and begin to let them heal, it changes everything for them, it really can.”

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