Doctors say flu shots this month are a good prevention

Five strains could be out there

Doctors say getting an early flu shot is a good prevention from several strains this year.  (John Palminteri /

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Before you feel any aches or weakness, you might want to build up a defense against the flu by getting an early shot.

Doctors say this is the time to take a stand against the flu which impacts millions of Americans each year and, in some cases, it can cause death.

More than 700 people got their flu shot at the Family Service Agency's Senior Expo last week in Santa Barbara.

The head of Sansum nursing, Michael Yee said the season typically starts in October.

He ays the vaccine this year will be effective for most types of flu going around.

"Everybody should the flu shot because not only do we have the three strains that we believe are going to attack   but we have two generic strains. Even if they are a little bit off on the estimate,  every shot gives about a 50 percent immunity to any type of flu," said Yee.
Doctors say children, pregnant women, the elderly and anyone with a compromised system are most at risk.
It usually takes two weeks to build up immunity after you get a shot.
Yee says compared to years ago, flu shots are more available to the public at places ranging from your family doctor to a local drug store.


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