Rain coming down in Santa Maria

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Brandon Anderson has been on the road for the past 30 hours. He drives a big rig all across the country. 

"Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas, California," he says. 

His final stop for now is Santa Maria. As the rain started to come down on Thursday he was making sure everything on his truck is in order as he prepares for his next stop. 

"They tell you to check the landing gear and make sure that's working," he says.

Anderson say she's driven in worse, through tornados, blizzards and heavy rain storms. 

"It's not too bad, if it gets too bad I won't drive," he says. 

His advice is for people to take it slow on the road, "watching your speed, watching people around you that nobody is doing anything crazy to cause you to get into an accident."

For most of the morning and early afternoon on Thursday the rain in Santa Maria came down as a light drizzle.

However, people in the area say they are just happy to see rain. 

"It's wonderful it's great I am glad it's here and we have some green pasture out on the mountain," says Jesse River. 

"I love it, I am glad it's coming," says Patrick Montgomery.

Patrick and his wife wanted to get some Christmas shopping done before the rain got heavier. 

He says the on-going drought has had a wide spread effect, "it's hurt everything, the crops."

For many people in the area, they are hoping to see a lot more rain, "hoping for a rainy season, yes, definitely," he says."


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