Snow day for kids in Lompoc

Snow day for kids in Lompoc

LOMPOC, Calif. - "Together, here we go, it's time to make a snow angel." That is the sound you could hear coming from River Park in Lompoc on Friday.

It's all part of a free now day for the city. Dozens of kids had a chance to play in artifically made snow. 

"It feels cold, really cold," say brothers Samuel and Harrison Jurcazak. 

For kids like Autumn Mercer this is her first time playing in the snow, "wear lots of warm cloths because it gets really cold."

Harrison and Samuel decided to stick together today as they took part in a snow ball fight or two. 

"We are on a team against anybody," they say. 

They also got a chance to taste some of the snow, ""it taste like nothing, it takes like pure ice, it's like just shredded ice."

Lompoc City Councilmember Jim Mosby along with various other community members helped make the event happen. 

"Bringing the community together like this for a positive event it's great," says Councilmember Mosby. 

All of the snow came from the Glacier Ice Company in San Luis Obispo. They packed dozens of bags of ice into a modified snow blower machine to make the snow. 

"It's good California snow, the people in Utah might see theirs is better, but we are in California and this feels like real snow to me," says Matt Bowman, with the company. 


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