Are you ready when a disaster strikes?

What you need to know to be prepared and keep your family safe

Are you ready when a disaster strikes?

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Wildfires, earthquakes. It's been a busy week up and down the coast. But are you ready for when the next disaster happens?

"Within the first 72-hours it's really on them to make sure that they're family has the water, the medications, the food, dog food. Everything that their family needs" said American Red Cross worker Julie McGovern.

Disaster preparedness can literally be a lifesaver. The Red Cross says, at the very least, individuals should have at least three days worth of food, water and first aid. 

Disaster kits should also have a flashlight, extra batteries, cellphone charger and even a whistle to call for help if trapped. Experts also say not to forget about your pets. Have pet food ready for your "best friend."

For more information on making a disaster kit and full details on what you should have ready in case of an emergency visit:

Be Red Cross Ready here: More information

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