Some beach showers off despite ending drought state of emergency

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Showers at state beaches are back on--a strong sign that the years-long drought is over.

However, Santa Barbara City and County officials are still urging residents to conserve despite California Gov. Jerry Brown signing an executive order ending the drought state of emergency.

Most outdoor showers at city and state beaches were turned off during the drought, but Leadbetter Beach kept its showers running.

"There's a lot more activity here year-round at Leadbetter Beach with Santa Barbara City College classes, surfers, beachgoers. It kind of makes sense to keep these showers operational," said Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Rich Hanna.

Outdoor showers are necessary for people like Murua Lundi who swims every day at Leadbetter Beach. "I feel clean, refreshed, salt off my face...all the stuff from the ocean is off," said Lundi.

At Arroyo Burro Beach in Santa Barbara, the outdoor showers have been off. Santa Barbara City and County officials know residents love going to the beach so they've left the water on at foot wash stations.

"We were asked to make mandatory savings and we've kept the actual showers off, but we've left the foot showers on for people that are transitioning from the beach into their car on their way home," said Hanna.

It's uncertain when city and county beaches will turn all of their showers back on, but everyone plans to keep saving water even if the drought finally ends.

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