Solvang Plans to Build New Wells to Help Local Water Supply

Solvang Plans to Build New Wells

SOLVANG, Calif. - The city of Solvang is working on a new well project, which could increase water supply for residents by next summer.

Plans for the upland wells project started last January after the city council declared stage one drought conditions.

The city currently has four potential locations for the new wells and each site will be tested for water potential.

They're hoping once complete, they can build the permanent cites in those locations.

Public works officials say the project will not cost their residents, and would reduce state water use while lowering water costs for residents.

Solvang's Public Works director and engineer Matt Vanderlinden said, "The wells will provide an additional source of water supply for the city, and therefore dramatically increase the reliability of the water supply for our residents."

The project, including wells, piping and routing water into city's system will cost around $750,000.

The city says if the project goes as planned, the wells will be pumping water into Solvang by July 2015.

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