Native Plants Create Great Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Native Plants Create Great Drought Tolerant Landscaping

OJAI, Calif. - Normally the trail off Sulphur Mountain Road in Ojai is covered with lush green plants, but this year it looks a little different.

"This year it is so dry it looks like the end of summer right now," said native plant guide Lanny Kaufer.

Even though the conditions are harsh, many of our native plants are pretty hardy and drought-tolerant. 

"It is kind of slim pickings on the juicy greens this year, but there are still plenty of native plants and this is a great time to look at what can you grow with limited water.  These plants show how you can still have a landscape with using very little water," said Kaufer.

Even though our native plants aren't lush and green, they are still surviving in these harsh conditions.  These hardy plants would be a great addition to your landscape, and would require only a little water.  Some of the native plants that would be great for your landscaping include; Coast Live Oak, California Bay Tree, Coastal Sage Brush and the Coyote Brush.

Native plant guide Lanny Kaufman will be hosting a drought landscaping herb walk this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. at West Sulphur Mountain Road trailhead.  For more information go to www.herbwalks.com

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