Montecito Water Rules Getting Tougher

The area could be dry by July

Montecito Water Folo

MONTECITO, Calif. - Montecito water customers are getting a serious message about the dire situation they face in the weeks ahead if it doesn't rain. New rules will be going into place, and an urgent conservation plan has been launched.

The water district says, at the rate water is being used, and with no rain in the forecast, the supply on hand will disappear.

One resident said big property owners don't want to see their investments turn brown, but everyone needs to curtail excessive watering in order to make the current supply last longer.

"A lot of people think the golf courses should be the first to  stop using all the water  and yes the big estates, people are talking about that," said Gloria Horton. "But    you're talking about Montecito and almost everybody has a big estate and that is lushly landscaped, and they  have spent a lot of money, and time  and effort and heart in doing that."

Resident Richard Nordlund says when it does rain, he has a collection system to catch it from his roof.

"I bring it in to a big caldron on my property and I use it for my fruits and vegetables and that stuff.  I think a lot of people should put big tanks in and take that rain water off the roof. Works great," said Nordlund.

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