Drought Concerns in Cambria

Drought Concerns in Cambria

CAMBRIA, Calif. - Homeowners in Cambria are looking for new ways to conserve, and as they deal with the drought many are doing all they can to avoid fines.

Many in Cambria said they fear the entire community will run out of water.

Most home-owners and full time residents like Steve Ruffino, a Cambria homeowner ,  check their water meter every day, or at least monitor it closely to avoid fines.

"We were notified that we have a tremendous water shortage," Ruffino said. He's lived in his Cambria home for 30 years.

The community of Cambria is taking extreme measures to conserve water, the CCSD board, the group in charge of water, announced a stage three drought. Now the district is looking at ways to control water rationing.

The beauty of Cambria attracts tourist,  and the people who live there full time, but now they say fear is spreading through the community. "We got a big problem here in this area," Ruffino said.

Ruffino's two person household is allowed eight units of water per month.

"We were able to come into 8 units in January and February which is good, but compared to a year ago we were using 13 units so we've had to vastly cut down our water usage."

Ruffino said, "My wife and I have limited ourselves to 2 showers a week and the rest of the time sponge baths."

If  people use too much water they could pay  fines as much as 500 to 1,000 percent more.

Many in Cambria believe avoiding fines are making people conserve, but with no-rain in sight. People still want an alternative solution.

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