Department of Water Resources report shows California is still dry

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - It is another dry year for California. 

State water officials recently released new rainfall totals showing that the state is still dry and in need of more rain. 

"Water is an essential resource for agriculture, it's the life blood of agriculture," says Claire Wineman, the President of the Grower-Shipper Association of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. 

She says the continuing dry conditions and lack of water has caused farmers on the Central Coast to get innovative. 

"We get what we get on a day to day basis that is one of the challenges and exciting parts of agriculture is we can go from a 90 degree day to a 70 degree day that is why flexibility and adaptability is important," she says. 

The Department of Water Resources says during the last water cycle, from October of last year to this September they measured the amount of rain. 

The report shows while northern parts of the state received average to slightly above average rainfall, other parts of the state saw very little rain. 

Experts say it's hard to predict if we will get more rainfall this year.

 "It's tougher to know exactly what is going to happen it's not a clear indicator if we are going to receive more or less but during a typical La Nina we receive less rain fall whereas during El Nino we would receive more rainfall so we if don't receive La Nina, chances are we will receive a little bit more favorable wet season," says Jason Stiff, KCOY 12's Meteorologist. 


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