Central Valley vacationers travel to Pismo Beach to escape heat

Sweltering temperatures affecting entire state

Central Valley vacationers travel to...

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - Vacationers from California's Central Valley are escaping the heat by traveling to Pismo Beach on Tuesday. 

Both Bakersfield and Fresno are seeing temperatures pushing 110 degrees. Both areas of the Central Valley have Excessive Heat Warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

The forecast doesn't look like it's letting up either. Both cities looking at similar temperatures for the next several days.

With summer around the corner and school out, this heat wave is the first excuse for people from the Central Valley to flock to the Central Coast for some heat relief.

It was a scorcher in the Central Valley Tuesday.. but that wasn't the case here in Pismo Beach. 

"We're here for the rest of the day, I'm here til tomorrow, she's leaving this afternoon around 4 o'clock when the heat starts to die down so she doesn't have to deal with the heat there in Stockton.. unfortunately for her, I'm still here for a day," Frank Riberal said, who's visiting from Stockton with his family. 

Frank Riberal and his family, who escaped to Pismo Beach to cool down, are trying not to think about the 105 degree high Stockton felt Tuesday afternoon.

"Oh it's hot, my uncle was up at 5:30 this morning, sitting in the garage and he said it was already hot, he said he was going to probably do some work on the garage and then go back inside and retire," Riberal said. 

We also ran into Tim Desmond he's visiting from Fresno, to - you guessed it - beat the heat.

"We've come here for a lot of years in the summer," Tim Desmond said, who's visiting from Fresno.

During those summers, he's been drawing paintings of a Pismo Beach house - and for an interesting reason. 

"She (the homeowner) held out from the developers that wanted to buy the property, so that sort of stuck out in my mind," Desmond said. 

Desmond says a 95 degree summer day in the Central Valley, is comfortable.

"Air conditioning is something you got to have during the heat waves.. sometimes it's still in the 90's at night," Desmond said.

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