Capturing rainfall is wishful thinking in some areas

Most of the water goes out to the ocean

Capturing water is not as easy as you...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - With a steady stream of light to moderate weather systems recently, more people are hoping there will be ways to capture the rainwater for future uses.

This comes as the Santa Barbara County area continues to be the last site in California that is coping with the drought conditions including a limited supply of water in Cachuma Lake.

The recent rains were light, and in some cases, on the ocean side of the mountain range.  The valley side near Gibraltar Dam and Cachuma Lake is where the longer and stronger storms need to go. Those resources are the primary storage sites for water used in southern Santa Barbara County.

In recent years, the city of Santa Barbara has put in pavers that allow rain water to go back down into the ground or filter into nearby creeks instead of rushing off the asphalt  parking lots into the street where, at times, flooding occurs.


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