New signal could put the brakes on dangerous Isla Vista intersection

Thousands of bike trips go through weekly to UCSB

A new signal light in Isla Vista is expected to make a crowded intersection safer (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - A very crowded Isla Vista intersection could be much safer as the school year begins next week at nearby UC Santa Barbara.

The Pardall Road route to campus is often jammed with bike riders, and it's been difficult for drivers crossing at Embarcadero del Norte.   

The signal light has a quick turnaround. A bike rider who sees it change from a distance will more than likely be seeing a greet light by the time they have arrived.  Delays are not expected.

The signal will help some of the larger delivery trucks get through when they were bottlenecked up at peak bike periods. 

Riccardo Fundament, the owner of Dublins on the corner said it has been so bad for him, that he went all the way around the block and got on Pardall so he could have a straight shot into his restaurant without waiting at the intersection.

He expects the new signal to work as a traffic control solution, and urges a grace period on tickets before full enforcement takes place.

The project costs an estimated $300,000. Half of the funds came from UC Santa Barbara.

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