Infants survive multi-car crash on Highway 101

Car seats were installed and used properly

Infants survive multi car crash on Highway101 (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Two infants and a young girl survived a three car crash in Santa Barbara that sent six people to the hospital. 

It happened this afternoon in the Northbound lanes near Milpas.

Two California Highway Patrol officers, Two Santa Barbara City Fire engines and two AMR ambulance crews responded.

No one was seriously hurt but Dana Smith with the CHP said the two infants, the small girl and the three adults were all transported for a precautionary check up.

Another vehicle involved had two adults inside, and they were not hurt.

The main collision was a rear end crash, and airbags deployed.

Smith said the children were in the appropriate cars seats as required by law, and that protected them from being thrown forward in the crash.

At the time of the accident traffic was slowing for a Cal Trans project in the area.


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