Fines for violating rules of the road in California could decrease

Fines would start at $35

Same rules of the road, but, possibly...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The rules of the road are not changing. However, the fines you pay for violating them could dramatically decrease.

When it comes to stopping at a red light the rule is you first come to a complete stop before making the right hand turn. Some drivers in Santa Maria say it seems not everyone follows that rule. 

"They do the California roll-by like I like to call it. They don't come to a complete stop," says Dominique Requejo.

Fines for rolling through a red light when making the turn start at $100.

It's something California lawmakers are looking to change. 

"Lowering the fines is going to make people slow down less," says Connie Mercier, from Nipomo. 

The proposed law is up for a vote before the state Senate this week and would reduce starting fines to $35 dollars.

"I think $35 is too lenient and people won't respect the law as much," says Requejo. 

Drivers in Santa Maria say rules like this are in place to make the roads safer for both drivers and pedestrians. 

"I've had many times people just cut across from me when driving," says Mercier. 

Data shows more than 400,000 accidents happen every year in the state. About 300 of those accidents happen as a result of people rolling through a red light to make a right-hand turn. 

"Even though it seems the accidents are not that many I still think it's an unsafe thing to do," says Mercier.  

Jeremy Edwards and his mom recently moved to Santa Maria. He too agrees that lowering down the fines would make things more dangerous.

"It's not right, and it's unsafe pretty much, but, if someone is driving you know be safe," he says. 

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