City of Santa Maria working to fix traffic problems at Enos Ranch

City of Santa Maria working to fix...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - It's a sore subject for some Costco shoppers.

"Oh it's outrageous! They did not plan very well for this amount of cars," said shopper Norma Watkins. 

It goes beyond the packed parking lot. At times, it's bumper to bumper in the Enos Ranch and Betteravia area, spilling even into intersections. 

"I had to wait two signal lights just to get across the street here [and] into the parking lot, it's scary!: Watkins said. 

But, relief is on the way. The city plans on opening up College Drive on Wednesday to add another North-South route for people to use instead of Bradley. 

That excites Costco shoppers like Cheyanne Segura, who tells us: "It will take the focus away from where the traffic's at right now - it'll diffuse it a little more. It'll get people going and it'll be nice once that road is open."

Public Works Director Steve Kahn says the city is also working with Cal Trans, to fix some of the backups that are now on Betteravia.

"We're improving the southbound off ramp to add another right hand turn lane on it, we're adding turn lanes for Northbound US 101 onto Betteravia road so those improvements should improve circulation on Betteravia road," Kahn explained. 

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