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Whole-Body Cryotherapy Comes to Santa Barbara

Machine is Designed to Decrease Recovery Time Between Training Sessions in Athletes

Mike Klan Tries Out Whole-Body Cryotherapy

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara is now home to whole-body cryotherapy which claims to help athletes recover more effectively by decreasing local and systemic inflammation. Those who suffer from chronic pain or inflammation may also find benefits from whole-body cryotherapy.

A machine uses liquid nitrogen to create ultra-low temperatures of below -200 degrees F. A person goes into this chamber for up to three minutes and the body triggers a systemic anti-inflammatory response. Whole-body Cryotherapy is a replacement for ice baths.

There are less than twenty of these devices in the country and most are owned by professional sports teams. Cryo Health SB has the only machine on the Central Coast.

For more information including their location, visit www.cryohealthsb.com

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