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Mauney to Ride Bushwacker During Fiesta

PBR Coming to Santa Barbara on July 31

25 Thousand Dollar Challenge During Fiesta PBR Event

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - If J.B. Mauney can make a full 8-second ride on Bushwacker during Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days, then the reigning world champion bull rider will pocket 25 thousand dollars. But of course that is a big if!

In 2013, Mauney made a successful ride on Bushwacker which ended a record streak that saw the bull buck off 42 consecutive riders on the Built Ford Tough Series. Mauney has been on Bushwacker 12 times and has just one full 8-second ride.

Bushwacker is considered by many to be the top bull of all-time and will be retired from competition after this year.

The PBR event in Santa Barbara is Thursday, July 31. The Fiesta Rodeo continues through Sunday, August 3. For tickets please visit www.sbfiestarodeo.org/tickets/

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