Dodger fans frustrated over game blackouts

Dodger fans frustrated over game...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Monday was Opening Day for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but for many fans up and down the coast they could not watch it on TV.

Not only is legendary announcer Vin Scully gone, but for the fourth straight year Dodger games remain blacked out across Southern California.

In 2013, the Dodgers made an $8 billion dollar deal with Time Warner Cable to broadcast the games on their network. Ever since then the cable company has been unable to reach an agreement with any other major cable companies mainly because the asking price is too high.

The only options to see the guys in blue is on the Time Warner Cable also known as Spectrum or actually going to the game.

"Compared to when I was a kid I was going to Dodger games at least 10 or 20 times a year, said Anthony Ramos, Dodger fan from Santa Barbara. "Now it's really hard for kids to go now because it cost parents an arm and a leg."

Josh Benson is the general manager at Baja Sharkeez in Santa Barbara. He says that they get daily requests asking for the Dodger games.

"It's a let down when people come to a sports bar and they can't actually watch a sport they are there for," said Benson.

That's why two years ago they made the impossible happen. Sharkeez is the only bar in Santa Barbara that carries the game.

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