Diamondbacks bringing back bullpen carts

Helmet-topped carts to make comeback

For their 20th anniversary season, the Arizona Diamondbacks are hoping to drive up some nostalgia by reviving the bullpen cart.

The team announced Tuesday that it will use helmet-topped bullpen carts to bring relief pitchers in from both bullpens at Chase Field.

The carts will travel down the warning track and along the first- and third-base lines before letting a pitcher off at the dugout.

The Diamondbacks signed a sponsorship deal for the carts with OnTrac, a West Coast courier service, which will have its logo displayed on the vehicles.

According to the Diamondbacks, the last known use of a motorized vehicle to bring pitchers into a major-league game was in 1995, when the Milwaukee Brewers used a motorcycle with a sidecar to do so.

The first team to use a bullpen car was the Cleveland Indians with their "Little Red Wagon" in 1950. The Chicago White Sox and Oakland A's added their own cars in the 1950s and by the 1960s most teams had some sort of transportation for its relief pitchers. The cars were widely replaced by golf carts in the 1980s.

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