Day one Dallas Cowboys training camp

Day one of Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

OXNARD, California - The Dallas Cowboys are back in Oxnard for the 6th straight year as Monday was the first day for training camp at River Ridge Playing Fields.

This time there’s a new look and vibe. For the first time in nearly 10 years Tony Romo is not leading the team during this camp.

That job has gone to quarterback Dak Prescott who took over for an injured Romo last season and never looked back. The team is embracing Prescott’s new roll preparing for a brand new season.

Cole Beasley, Cowboys Wide Receiver:
“Different quarterback still the same mission," said Cole Beasley, Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver. "Really I am just glad to be out here with him.”

“The way he attacked this off season I continue to say he has check every box," said Jason Witten, Cowboys Tight End. "So he’s doing a great job and it’s good to be out there with him. I’m really proud of him and the way he has approached the off season.”

Prescott is coming off an impressive 13-3 season leading his team to a NFC Division Title before losing to the Green Bay Packers at home.

“I just want to be out here to grow with him," said Beasley. "I am ready for the challenge that lays ahead and I am glad he is out there leading the way for us.”   
As day one wrapped up some of the players including Ezekiel Elliott ran over to the military fans to sign autographs and take selfies truly displaying how Americas team supports Americas Military

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