Cabrillo HS Alum Danny Duffy cited for DUI

Cabrillo HS Alum Danny Duffy cited...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Royals ace pitcher Danny Duffy was cited by police on Sunday for driving under the influence in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City.

The former Cabrillo High School star is expected to issue a statement at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. 

According to the Kansas City Star, Duffy's first court appearance is scheduled for September 19.

Duffy is currently on the disabled list for an injured elbow but he is expected to return to the mound this season.

Royals general manager Dayton Moore issued this statement:

“We are obviously disappointed in the news we have received regarding Danny Duffy’s DUI arrest on Sunday night,” Moore said. “We are still in the early stages of gathering the details, but I do know that Danny has always been accountable as a member of this organization and we expect the same accountability from him as this process moves forward."

Moore is expected to speak at Tuesday's press conference as well.

"People make mistakes, I know he's a standup guy," Lompoc resident Craig Desoucy said. 

Craig Desoucy hears about people driving under the influece from time to time but rarely is it about a multi-millionaire star baseball player like Danny Duffy, who's a former Lompoc-area baseball hero.

"I'm sure he will take responsibility for it," Desoucy said. 

We met Desoucy at Jasper's Cocktail Bar in Lompoc Tuesday.

"He's under scrutiny, he's under a microscope," Desoucy said. 

Duffy was arrested Sunday night in a Burger King parking lot, just outside of Kansas City, for driving under the influence.

"Met him once, everybody loves him around here," Desoucy said. 

Duffy made a statement during the Tuesday press conference, you can watch a portion of the interview here: 

"For the situation that's at hand, I apologize for the distraction especially where the team is right now," Duffy said. 

Where the team is right now - is a slumping record - with Duffy himself out with an injury and now facing a driving under the influence case. 

"You know regardless if we had been on a run or not, this is never a good time for this situation to come about," Duffy said. 

Duffy addressed the kids who look up to him. 

"When everything comes out and shakes out, I'm going to be better because of it," Duffy said. 

The 2015 World Series champion, is also known for his charity. This season, for every strike out, he's been donating money to benefit children with cancer.

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