World's best Search & Rescue teams in Montecito

Los Angeles County Urban Search & Rescue

Worlds best Search - Rescue teams in...

MONTECITO, Calif. - One of the most experienced search and rescue teams in the world is working in Montecito.

Los Angeles County Urban Search and Rescue teams travel the world when disasters strike. From Haiti to Chile and now just an hour from home. These teams are walking Montecito's mud and debris filled streets looking for people, both dead and alive.

"We're making sure where some of the debris has come down and piled up that we don't have any victims who may be buried in that," Team Leader Bryan Wells said. "And then checking homes making sure there is no one who decided to stay and now we need to help them get out." 

With the help of highly trained search dogs, these teams are walking in knee high mud and trying to avoid the many dangers that hide below. Wells said everything from debris to gas lines to swimming pools create hazards for search and rescue teams.

These teams will be making sweeps through Montecito's massive debris field until they are confident no stone, boulder or mud pile has been turned over and cleared.

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