Woman connected to San Juan murder in Orcutt sentenced to jail

Woman connected to San Juan murder in...
ORCUTT, Calif. -
Powering through the pain of the loss of Tony San Juan, his wife Sara and their family read a victims impact statement before a judge and Mayra Perez. 
She's the undocumented woman charged with being an accessory after the fact in the murder of San Juan. 
His family says the death of Tony is causing them physical and mental anguish.
"Our hearts are broken and we don't know where to go.. Colors have lost their brightness and the world seems gray. The ground beneath us is unsteady and often a seeping panic engulfs us," says Tony's father, Anthony San Juan. 
Police say Perez was hundreds of miles away in Merced when she got a call from her husband Jonathan David Highley who is charged with San Juan's murder. 
It's believed she drove home with her children to be with Highley and hid the murder weapon in a car.
"She went through one full interview with the police and did not tell the truth about what happened. She went through a second interview with the police and did not tell the truth about what happened. It wasn't until the third interview, after law enforcement found the gun, when she finally started to tell what happened that night," explains Deputy District Attorney, Anne Nudson.  
The family asked the judge to give Perez the full sentence which would have included three years in jail but that's not what ended up happening.
The judge sentenced Perez to a year in county jail and five years probation. 
She received credit for serving 304 days in jail. It's unclear how much of her sentence she'll serve because of stipulations that could release her even earlier.
Prosecutors say there's a possibility she could be deported, but that would only happen after ice and the sheriff's office discuss it.  
The San Juan family says they hope this case impacts Perez as much as it has impacted them.
"I can only hope this will shape the way she moves forward in her life, with the best of intentions for her children, with the utmost respect for the law and careful consideration of how her actions will affect those around her," says Sara San Juan, widow of Tony. 
Jonathan Highley iis scheduled to be back in court August 23 for them to set the date for a preliminary hearing. 
It's expected his case will go to a jury trial. 

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