Whittier Fire crews build control lines by West Camino Cielo

Weather is a concern for firefighting plans

Whittier Fire crews build control...

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Whittier Fire crews are working to contain as much of the wildfire as they can before temperatures are expected to increase this upcoming weekend. 

“It’s fairly cool for this time of the year especially on the coastal side and not too hot on the other side, but those conditions will change come Friday Saturday when the hotter weather does arrive," said Jim Dudley, from the National Weather Service.

Dudley is in charge of tracking the weather and any changes that might arise for the Whittier Fire Zone. 

“Firefighters like to know which direction of the wind is coming from. Unfortunately, when you have two different wind patterns moving together, it’s very difficult to predict exactly where they’re going to come out of," said Dudley. 

He says fire crews working on the Goleta side of the fire are working in cooler conditions than those who are closer to Lake Cachuma.

“Hot conditions, lower humidity will of course cause more heat stress for firefighters. They’ll have to be more aware and drinking water and all the protection and it could make the fire be more active," said Dudley.

More flare-ups could be visible from the coast side of the fire if there's strong wind and a rise in temperature.

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