Residents return home after the Alamo Fire forces them to evacuate

Residents affected by Alamo Fire return home

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - CAL FIRE officials are lifting mandatory evacuations for the Alamo Fire. They are reducing them to evacuation warnings, meaning residents can go back to their homes. 

Bill Sutton is grateful he still has a home to come back to. 

"It’s hard to believe in the 13 years I have been here we have not had a fire that close,” he said.

From his view you can see how close flames from the Alamo Fire came. Some of the adjacent hillsides to his home are still smoking. 

"I never been close enough to a fire where I can hear the flames roar,” he said as he described what he saw. 

Sutton said that’s when it was his cue to go. This is not the first fire he’s experienced but, it’s the first time it’s come too close for comfort. 

"I started to see the fire coming across the other ridge line and it was getting a little too exciting for me so I left," said Sutton. 

At first his wife left with their two pets and this chest full of pictures and important documents.

"We saw a tornado affect on some of the flames,” Sutton added. 

Seven days after the Alamo Fire broke out, Sutton and dozens of others are able to come back home. 

CAL FIRE is lifting their mandatory evacuations and reducing them to an evacuation warning.  

"As people make their way back home they should look out for downed power lines if they do they should contact PG&E," says Chad Carroll, Public Information Officer. 

He says owners should check their property. If they have any areas that are burned they should look out for heavy metals, paints and burned plastics that could be dangerous. 

As containment on the Alamo Fire increase helicopters are still making their rounds to makes sure there are no visible flames. 

"I am going up now giving the dogs some time in the home, they miss it,” he said. 

Sutton said as his family settles back in he feels thankful that firefighters stop the flames from getting any closer to his home. 

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