PG&E crews work to restore power to people affected by the Whittier Fire

PG&E crews are working to fully restore power to areas affected by the Whittier Fire.

A few customers remain without power just east of Cachuma Lake. 

Officials say many of their power lines were up on the hillsides making it challenging to access them.

PG&E crews are hundreds of feet suspended in the air. They working on getting to remote spots to help bring power back to portions of Santa Ynez Valley. 

"Some of the challenges associated with this fire come from the terrain. A lot of our poles are in areas that are inaccessible we have been using foot patrols and aerials flights," says Hillary Kaiser, Public Information Officer with PG&E. 

Flames from the Whittier Fire engulfed the hillsides. They also knocked down dozens of power lines.

Just behind a fallen power line sits a tree that is still smoking. 

"We are doing final aerial patrols and making sure there are not hot spots that could further affect any of our infrastructure," says Kaiser.  

Crews set up shop at Cachuma Lake making this their command post.

They are working on putting up new power lines up. 

"We are hoping [power will be restored] by the end of the day but, we are working with CAL FIRE waiting for concurrence from them," she says.  

As fire crews start to get a better handle on the Whittier Fire, PG&E crews will start demobilizing and going home.

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