Many heeded Rucker Fire evacuation orders while some stayed behind

American Red Cross shelter on stand-by

Many heeded Rucker Fire evacuation...

LOMPOC, Calif. - The Rucker Fire, that burned hundreds of acres just outside of Lompoc city limits, broke out a little before 2 p.m and forced a lot of people to evacuate - some of them ending up at an American Red Cross evacuation center at Lompoc High School.

Emergency airplanes were zipping over Skip Allington's home Friday afternoon and flames were getting dangerously close, just across the street but it wasn't stopping him, or his garden hose, from going anywhere.

"I got my hose out and started wetting things down..and I've been continuing to do it.. and I just don't want to leave," Skip Allington said, who was asked to evacuate. 

Allington has lived in this home since 1970. His home was one of about a hundred that were under an evacuation order until early Friday evening.

"I'm not a firefighter, I'm just worried about my own structure you know..anyway I hope it all comes out good," Allington said. 

Skip's next-door neighbor, James Jackson, also decided not to leave his home. 

"There's a fire across the street, bushes burning, we could hear the neighbors phone..reverse 911 just ringing off the hook," James Jackson said, who decided not to evacuate. 

The American Red Cross quickly jumped into action and set up an Emergency Evacuation Center at Lompoc High School. This was a place where people can come and get food, water, medication assistance and a place to get some shut eye.

"Police came, I was outside, we were all in the neighborhood looking at the smoke," evacuee Linda Clifton said. 

The police told Linda Clifton she had to evacuate - she quickly gathered her prized possessions.  

"Naturally my pet and I took pictures that were important to me," Clifton said.  

"Everyone just needs to stay calm, I'm worried about my house, everyone's worried about their house..but I think everyone needs to trust the firefighters, the officers who are risking to save the homes.. and I think they need to appreciate it...if you believe I think you need to pray," evacuee Jesse Davis said.  

"As you can see it's pretty drought resistant, the last place to go up is probably this one..
but I'm going to keep it wet," Allington said.  

With the evacuation orders being lifted, the American Red Cross Emergency Evacuation Center at Lompoc High School is now on stand-by in case the fire flares back up. If you need assistance you can call them at 805-901-0845.

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