Homeowner decides not to evacuate despite Alamo Fire coming dangerously close

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - As the Alamo Fire continues to threaten structures, some home owners have decided to stay behind and try to protect their homes the best they can.

It’s a close call for Leno DeLorenzi as the Alamo Fire stopped only a few hundred feet away from his property.

"That’s the first day I saw the flame,” DeLorenzi said as he pointed to the hillsides. 

Right over one hillside is where the fire crept close. However, despite being close enough to see the flames, he decided to not evacuate.

"A lot of smoke, a lot of flames, it gets scary,” DeLorenzi said. 

DeLorenzi lives off of Blazing Saddle Road. His neighborhood is currently under mandatory evacuation.

He didn't go with everyone else and decided to stay behind. 

He says he can’t part ways with the place he’s called home the last 30 years.

"If something happens up here to my property where am i going to go,” DeLorenzi said. 

Just over the hil,l the Alamo Fire left a path of destruction. Every hill is touched by flames.

Crews are working around the clock to make sure nothing flares back up.

"It’s a fraction of a second, you have everything and then it’s gone,” DeLorenzi said. 

He credits fire crews for putting a stop to the fast moving flame just in time before it came any closer to his home.

"It travels so fast on the hill yesterday it came down the hills and there was a bulldozer to cut the fire break,” he recounts. 

He remembers seeing a cloud of smoke and shortly after flames that radiated an enormous amount of heat.

"There was a little cabin up there, it’s gone... Completely gone,” DeLorenzi said.

As fire crews continue to get a handle on the largest fire in the state, DeLorenzi says he’s planning to stay put right here at his home.

"Everybody has been great, there are firefighters from all different areas.” 

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