Firefighters train for wildfire season

Firefighters train for wildfire season

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Agencies between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties started their work day early by participating in a large scale and realistic wildland urban interface drill in Santa Barbara County's front country.

The training is aims to refresh experienced firefighters on what they already know, but to allow new firefighters to meet and work with people in the field. 

"It's just an opportunity to get their awareness up and get them focused on what's really going to happen. So when they roll in, they see the sign ICP and that's what they're going to see in real life," said Lee Waldron, operations division chief for Santa Barbara City Fire.

There was an incident command post near the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. Multiple briefings were held were leaders read the reports verbatim just like how it would be done if there was a major wildfire going on. 

"We recognize there's a big wildland fire and that's our main objective in controlling that big wildland fire. That's the majority of the time there are additional emergency or what they call incident within an incident such as a traffic accident or injury to firefighter or injury to the public."

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