Firefighters answer the call to help firefighters in northern and southern California

Fire crews join the fire fights in northern and southern California

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Fire departments are answering the call for help.

Santa Barbara City Fire got the call on Monday morning.

"It is pretty unique for sure to have the amount of requests so quickly," said Santa Barbara City Battalion Chief Robert Mercado.

"Early this morning we sent 1 engine to Napa county to the Atlas incident and a battalion chief and later this afternoon we sent 3 engines and a battalion chief south to the Orange County incident," said Mercado.

Homes that have burned remind Santa Barbara County Supervisor Janet Wolf of the home her family lost in the Painted Cave Fire in 1990.

She was raising three young children at the time.

"From personal experience my feeling is that the most important thing is your family and pets. Material things can be replaced. It is difficult, it is hard and it is shocking. You just have to move on and if you have kids, for children it is really difficult because their world is shaken and so keep doing the things as much of a routine, often times schools are really important because they give them that semblance of routine," said Wolf.

It took the Wolf family a year to rebuild.

On Monday she talked to a Supervisor in Napa about things her county can do to help fire victims with the permitting process that will allow them to rebuild quickly.

Wolf said it helps when the community comes together and people support one another.




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