Santa Barbara police said they found canisters of what looked like Nitrous Oxide inside the car of a driver suspected of running a red light and broadsiding a family's minivan at the corner of Mission and Bath streets just after 5 p.m. Thursday.

The Honda minivan ended up upside down on top of the suspect's Kia.

Residents and a nurse in another car ran to help a pregnant woman, man and child out of the minivan. Witnesses said the little girl cut her lip.  All three were conscious when they were taken to the hospital to be checked out. 

The Kia driver was trapped until firefighters got him out of the driver's side window. The front windshield was smashed.

Sgt Mike McGrew said officers would ask for a warrant to get a blood test to see if the Kia driver was under the influence.

W Mission St & Bath St Santa Barbara, CA