The Mustang Water Park in Arroyo Grande is doing all it can to make sure people can use the water slides all summer, even with the drought.

The park is open for business, but in the midst of the drought the owner Chris Simpson says the park has to conserve.

Park officials are hoping for rain in the fall, because they say it takes more water to keep the grass green than it does to fill up the pools.

The landscape hasn't been watered in five years, it's only green in the spring but Simpson said he’d like to add more drought tolerant grass because it protects the slides, which have been around since 1978.

The park is allowed to use 5.5 acre feet of water, that's a little over a million gallons, but Simpson says he's taken drastic measures to save water and uses only about three acre feet of water, that’s close to 800 thousand gallons of water.

The water is recycled, cleaned and reused.