Water levels at Lopez Lake are on the rise

Visitors, boaters and fisherman delighted

Lopez Lake water levels on the rise

LOPEZ LAKE, Calif. - "What we are in right now was completely dirt about 2 months ago," says Matt Mohle, a Park Ranger at Lopez Lake. 

Boaters and fisherman say they have waited a long time to see this, the water levels rising at Lopez Lake

It's something they say they hope continues.

"It's a lot fuller than I've seen in a long time," says Mike. He has been coming to the lake for the last 20 years.

He came out on Wednesday to see if he could go fishing. "I used to come out here at least once a week but, since the drought there has been no fishing, the water levels are too low," he says. 

People visiting the lake say it's an exciting time. In the last week county officials say water levels have risen nearly 7 feet.

It's something Evan Golarte and his grandparents are taking advantage of. "It was a little dirty and hard to catch fish," says Golarte. 

He's visiting his grandparents on his winter break from school. "When we were going fast it's really fun," he says.

His grandpa says he welcomes the much needed recent rain that has helped fill the lake.

"It's been real low, all of the lakes have been real low," says Tom Kastorff. 

Park Ranger Matt Mohle knows this area well. He's been able to get a first hand look at the lake levels steadily rising day by day.

"If you look straight out the water was pretty close to that point when it was at the lowest," he says. 

The lake right now sits at nearly 54% capacity. It was much different just a few months ago.

"Where all the rock is where the green is marks where we are at full pool and we are 30 feet from that at this point," he says. 


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