Voter Registration Deadline is Monday

Mail-in Voting Ballots Popular Choice for Local Residents

Voter Registration Deadline

Before you can decide if incumbent Helene Schneider should serve another term as Mayor of Santa Barbara, you need to register to vote, and the deadline is looming.
This year's election will be the 3rd time Santa Barbara has elected its representatives almost exclusively by mail
Susan Shank, Co-President of the League of Women's Voters, believes most Santa Barbara voters have embraced the mail-in process. "One thing that happened is the numbers in Santa Barbara have increased. More people are voting, and I think it's because it's more convenient."
One of the more interesting races is the race for Mayor: Schneider is seeking re-election, and her most formidable opponent is Wayne Scoles, whose platform is based on balancing the budget.
Two council incumbents - Bendy White and Frank Hotchkiss - are also seeking re-election. A total of 8 other candidates are hoping to win a council seat.

Santa Barbara resident Kelsey Snyder said "I went to the polls once, but I prefer the mail in ballots."

With over forty-six thousand ballots already mailed out, there is hope that local residents will continue to make their voices heard. "Personally I like to go and cast my ballot. It makes me feel patriotic, but a lot of people like to just mail it in."

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