Veteran's Memorial Building Tribute

POSTED: 12:30 PM PST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 10:03 PM PST Nov 08, 2013 

There is a lesser known military tribute about a block away from the site of Arlington West.

It is a wall tribute, housed in the Veteran's Memorial Building on Cabrillo Boulevard and only goes up twice a year -- on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.

The art and photo display spans all of the American wars and conflicts, from World War I to Iraq and Afghanistan. Medals, patches and other memorabilia from private collections also dot the wall.

"Why isn't it up year round?" we asked executive director CDR Charles "Crash" Huff. "We are an historic building and have a landlord, the county of Santa Barbara. And until we get approval from there, we have to take them down after Veteran's Day."

The hall is a gathering place for vets but is also leased out for weddings and other ceremonies. "Some people are concerned it (the display) might glorify war," said Huff.

Eventually, the Veteran's Coordinating Council of Santa Barbara hopes to come up with a permanent collection and a plan that works for everyone. That proposal will go up to a vote, then be formally submitted to the county.