Ventura releases crime report for 2016

Overall crimes down, but murders increase

Ventura releases crime report for 2016

The City of Ventura has released its crime statistics for 2016.  Overall the number of crimes are down, but the most violent of crimes, homicides, is up.

Property crimes and violent crimes combined dropped 3.59% compared to 2015.

Significant reductions in larcenies and residential burglaries accounted for the reported decrease in property crimes, according to the Ventura Police Department.

The most notable drop in violent crime was in the number of reported robberies, which decreased 12.10%.  While most crimes were lower from 2015 to 2016, homicides surged higher, from two in 2015 to eight in 2016.  Ventura Police say it arrested someone in six of those murder cases.

The Ventura Police Department handled approximately 98,812 calls for service during 2016, this is less than a 1% increase from the previous year.

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