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Wendy Walsh weighs in on Bill O'Reilly's dismissal

'My message is: The climate has changed, ladies'

Video: Wendy Walsh weighs in on Bill O'Reilly's dismissal

CAMARILLO, Calif. - "If he gets enough money to pay for therapy, great."

Those words coming from one of the women who accused Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly of inappropriate behavior.

But rather than spew venom toward the now wealthier multi-millionaire after word of a $25 million dollar payout, Wendy Walsh is putting power behind her words.

"I've never had a personal vendetta against Mr. Bill O'Reilly or even FOX news," Walsh said. "I want to make it clear."

Just days after the iconic commentator's fall from network grace, Walsh agreed to talk to us.

"I'm not dancing on somebody's corporate grave here," Walsh told NewsChannel 3. "I know what's happening is sad in many circles but it's also a step forward for women."

Walsh said an investigative reporter with the New York Times unearthed her complaint from 2013. At the time, O'Reilly broke his promise to make Walsh a paid contributor at Fox News after she declined an invitation to his hotel suite.

The article appeared April 1 of this year. That same day, Walsh received a cease and desist - defamation letter from O'Reilly's attorney.

"My attorney (Lisa Bloom) immediately sent that letter to Fox," Walsh said. "You see, this is how your talent continues to harass and intimidate his victims."

Walsh credits advertisers who pulled their support from O'Reilly's show for his demise.

"They pulled out because they care about their women employees and they care about their women consumers," Walsh said. "It is girl power here."

Walsh, a television commentator, radio host and adjunct psychology lecturer at Cal State University Channel Islands is considering adding one more title to her resume: politician. She is considering getting into national politics.

"I realize that being a big-mouth woman can actually create change," said Walsh.

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