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Ventura Police Officers Test Out New Body Cameras

Part of research project with the University of Cambridge.

Ventura Police Test New Body Cameras

VENTURA, Calif. - Ventura police officers are now wearing body cameras.  It is part of a research project with the University of Cambridge.

Ventura Detective Josh Young started the program.  He is conducting a research project on how effective and helpful body cameras are for police officers.

"Some officers are exposed to the cameras and some officers are not, and then at the end of the 12 months, we evaluate all their arrests made with cameras and compare them with all the arrests made without cameras, and to see if they were truly beneficially in this purpose," said Young.

Police want to see if the body cameras will decrease the number of police use-of-force instances and decrease the number of citizens complaining against response officers.

"It gives firsthand information of what happened. It reduces complaints against officers; it also reduces uses of force. Suspects don't tend to fight the officer when they know he has a camera on," said Ventura Police Department Commander Al Davis.

There are two different camera options that the Ventura Police Department is testing out.  One is a camera attached to glasses, and the other is a body mounted camera attached to the officers uniform.

The cameras are easy to use and are always on but not reporting.  It just takes a simple double-click and the camera is recording.  If the officer misses something before recording, such as a driver running a red light, the camera can go back 30 seconds before the officer started recording.

Once the video is recorded, the officer can use the Axon mobile app to check out the video and write down notes.

At the end of the officer's shift, the camera is put on its dock, which is when footage is uploaded to a cloud-based storage system on

The 12-month research project will continue until next May.  When it is over the Ventura Police Department will evaluate how effective the cameras were and then decide how they will continue using them in the future.

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