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Underage tattoos a concern in Ventura County

Tattoo concerns

VENTURA, Calif. - The trend of kids under the age of 18 getting tattoos is growing, especially in the state of California -- where it is prohibited.

“They do have to wait until they are 18 years old," said Sandra Price, Owner of White Lotus tattoo shop in Ventura. "A parent can not sign for you.”

Price is concerned with the new way minors are getting their ink done.

“What I am hearing from the health department is that a lot of these kids are buying the machines off of eBay or from China and they are doing it from their own home," Price said.

"They are doing it on their friends, so parents should be aware of this and what their kids are doing because it is very dangerous.”

Parents who know about their teen getting a tattoo can be charged with child endangerment. The tattoo artist can also be charged.

Aside from breaking the law, there are also a myriad of health concerns and risks with illegal tattooing.

“It’s really dangerous because of the spread of hepatitis," said Price. "They don’t know how to sterile or how to have the environment totally clean. They can scar people, they can cause major infections.”

To get a license in California all tattoo artist must have what is called a blood borne pathogen training license which is proper education on handling, sterilizing, and disposing of needles.

White Lotus studio also goes through a yearly inspection by the health department to make sure the shop is running properly.

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