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TSA screeners learn from bomb sqaud demo

Ventura County Bomb Squad shows Santa Barbara airport workers what to look for

TSA screeners learn from bomb sqaud demo

CAMARILLO, Calif. - Santa Barbara Municipal airport screeners took part in an explosives demonstration Wednesday.

Transportation Security Administration employees didn't just watch, they set off homemade or improvised explosive devices. The Ventura County Sheriff's bomb squad hosted the event in Camarillo.

Capt. Paul Higgason said it is important for TSA workers to learn how to detect explosives that come in all shapes and sizes.

Sgt. Bob Garcia and other bomb squad members showed them the difference between an explosions made of quarter-pound of explosive material verses 1 pound of explosive material. Screeners also watched how an explosion set off near gallon jugs of gasoline can create a "wall of fire." Anita Komboj is new on the job at the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport.  Komboj said she now has first-hand knowledge of the dangerous items she is trying to look for at the airport.

Homeland Security explosives specialist Efren Pulido said he wants passengers to know that TSA workers are not trying to ruin their day, they are trying to prevent history from repeating itself, by keeping terrorists and other criminals from boarding airplanes.

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